Colorado Allergy and Asthma Centers

Colorado Allergy and Asthma® Clinic opened in 1972, with just three doctors. We’ve grown steadily over time, developed our practice, and added locations to better serve our patients. Today, we are proud to have a team of 13 outstanding physicians at 12 locations spanning from Castle Rock to Fort Collins, and we are honored to serve over 53,000 patients.

What We Treat


COPD is a group of lung diseases that make it harder for a person to breathe due to blocked airflow in the lungs. Because COPD and asthma share many of the same symptoms, it is necessary to visit an allergist/immunologist to differentiate between the two so that you can get proper treatment.


Immune Dysfunction

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology describes Immune Deficiency Disease as either absent or improperly functioning immune responses. This means that people with immune disorders cannot defend against foreign invaders that could make them sick. People with immune disorders tend to have a pattern of repeated, sometimes hard to cure, infections that can attack the skin, respiratory system, ears, brain, or other areas of the body.

Environmental Allergies

Our physicians have undergone extensive training and education in the field of allergy-related illnesses and their treatments. Through diagnostic testing and evaluation, our doctors are able to better assess your allergies and reactions, and create a unique treatment plan that is specific to your needs.

Food Allergies

All of our physicians are certified allergists with specialized training and expertise in understanding and treating food allergies. Through careful evaluation and diagnosis they can develop a treatment plan that is designed to make living with food allergies easier and safer.

Skin Disorders

Skin disorders like hives, eczema, and dermatitis are some of the most common allergy-related conditions that are treated by our Board Certified allergists. Our physicians have specialized training and education in diagnosing and treating these types of conditions, and they offer personalized treatment plans to fit your individual needs.


Asthma is a chronic inflammatory condition of the airways. This inflammation causes the airways to narrow and fill with inflammatory mucous, which leads to shortness of breath, chest tightness, and often, chronic cough. By utilizing their advanced knowledge about asthma and its treatments, our physicians are able to accurately diagnose your disease and help you manage your symptoms.


We are proud to offer full service, highly-specialized evaluations and treatments that are not readily found in our local communities or academic institutions. We also offer a variety of specialized tests which allow us to further understand and evaluate your disease.

Scratch Test

A series of small scratches are made on the skin to allow the antigen to enter. If a reaction occurs -often a small, raised, itchy area- it may indicate sensitivity to that antigen. The skin prick is not a shot and doesn’t cause bleeding.

Patch Test

Another method is to apply an allergen to a patch, which is then placed on the skin. This is used to determine allergens or irritants that could cause skin reactions such as dermatitis.


  • Spirometry Testing – a test to determine lung capacity
  • Rhinolaryngoscopy – a direct visualization of the nasal passages and voice box

Nasal Endoscopy – a direct visualization used to fully evaluate the nasal passages and assess prior sinus surgery

  • Medication Allergy Testing and Desensitization
  • Vaccine Testing and Desensitization
  • Oral Desensitization to Allergic Foods


  • Food and Preservative Challenges
  • Methacholine Challenge – diagnostic inhalation test for asthma
  • Exercise Challenge – assessment to rule out or confirm exercise induced asthma or vocal cord dysfunction
  • Full Pulmonary Function Testing – reserved for patients with more severe asthma or COPD; measures lung capacity and function
  • Asthma and Exercise Clinics
  • Exercise Challenges

Venom Testing

“If only there were more doctors, staff and offices who practiced your “old school treatment and care”, I think we would be living in a much healthier society. And I do so appreciate your offer of referral to other eye specialists in the future.”
Janet J. Johnson

We look forward to helping you feel better!


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